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Ku Band Satellite Uplink Trucks

Strategically located on both US coasts, 4WD, Dual Path trucks with 1.5m antennae and 180W redundant amplifiers are the ideal compact mobile transmission platform. The design allows several modes of operation - conventional 'DVB' digital video and/or customized broadband IP services using leased or customer owned  satellite capacity. 

100+ Mb/s bandwidth options

Compact Ku Satellite Terminals

Based in California, 1.2m Ku terminals can be transported by car or the next available commercial flight in as few as 3 checkable cases which typically fly as regular baggage.

Ideal for truly remote, longer term or 'unmanned' locations. Temporary licenses obtained for foreign operations.

Single/Dual path encoders and 30 - 50 Mb/s bandwidth capable

Modem/IP Optimizer Systems

We are  committed to multiple modem platforms in redundant and single thread setups. We routinely deploy systems to work our own, as well as with 3rd party and client provided uplinks, which can be remotely managed or operated locally.

The dozen modems in inventory typically operate using latest generation techniques like 'carrier in carrier' or 'carrier re-use' along with 'ACM' adaptive coding  modulation. This allows highly efficient operation while providing additional bandwidth, additional RF protection and cost savings relative to competing approaches, off the shelf commercial systems and even broadcast gear. 

Modem systems capable up to 425 Mb/s.

Earth Station / IP Hub Services

Globecast's Earth station in Culver City California anchors the satellite IP service inside their on-site data center. With 24/7 staffing, redundant equipment, 5.2m fixed and steerable Ku band TX/RX , 12m C band TX/RX, and full generator backup, the facility provides outstanding reliability and performance.

IP over satellite extends the top tier fiber connectivity from the data center to the remote location, allowing virtually any client application or workflow. 

Q-Take and Zoom conferencing are two common applications used in location production while VPN's, file transfers, remote desktop, Zoom, and protected internet/intranet access are common in corporate and government scenarios.

For international special projects, Globecast operates earth stations in Europe and Africa, allowing seamless  operations globally.


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